Fall is a time of year where the weather is just right. Not unbearably hot, and not freezing cold. This makes the season great for a number of outdoor activities, many of which can include your pup pal.

1. Hiking

Often times, the summer can be too hot for hiking. Now that we’re heading into fall, we have crisp air to look forward to. The weather and foliage make Fall the perfect time of year for a hike, and it’s a great activity to do with your dog to keep both of you active. Before you head off, be sure to check that dogs are allowed on the trail. Don’t forget to bring a leash (most trails require dogs to be leashed), water and a snack for your doggie, and a poop bag.

2. Pumpkin Picking

Although your dog won’t be partaking in the actual picking of the pumpkins, they’ll enjoy walking through the pumpkin patch with you. Just check with the owner to make sure dogs are permitted.

*Fun fact: Many dogs enjoy the taste of pumpkin, and it’s actually good for their health! Share a scoop of the pumpkin with them.

3. Jumping in Leaf Piles

How much did you love jumping in leaf piles when you were a kid? Dogs enjoy that just as much! Gather a pile of leaves for your dog to jump and play in. Make sure there aren’t any hidden sticks or branches that could hurt them. It can also serve as a nice bed to relax in for an older dog.

4. Football Fun

As football season is upon us, why not play some good ol’ fashioned fetch with a football? Dog dehydration can be a concern in the summer, but with the cooler Fall weather, your dog can better withstand the physical activity. Curl up afterward together while you watch the game.

5. Halloween Happenings

Is there anything cuter than seeing a dog in costume? Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up your dog. Many dog parks have Halloween parties, and some even have costume contests. Your dog will love mingling with the other pups. If you’re taking kids trick-or-treating, bring the dog along and have them dress up as well!