As we head into January, temps will continue to decrease, as snow will continue to increase. Due to the cold and snowy weather, you can’t enjoy all of the same outdoor activities with your dog as you do in Spring, Summer and Fall. However, it is still vital to keep them active and burn off their energy. Read on for different ways to keep your dog exercised this winter.



If you have stairs in your house, this is a good alternative to taking your dog for a walk outdoors. Put your dog on a leash and walk them up and down the stairs. You can change it up by jogging, taking two steps at a time, walking up sideways etc.

Indoor Fetch

Find a nice open space inside where you can play a small game of fetch with your dog. Just make sure there’s nothing breakable around!


Hide-and-seek is a great indoor game to play with your dog. Other than getting your pup up and moving, it’s also mentally engaging. Start the game by throwing a treat to get your dog away from you, and hide in another part of the house. Call for your dog and give them a treat when they find you. The game can get really fun if you get a second person. Position yourselves at two different areas in your home, and take turns calling your dog. Again, reward them with a treat each time they find either of you. Whenever your dog goes to one person, the other person changes their location so that your dog has to search somewhere different each time.

Indoor Dog Park

If there’s a day that’s just wayyy too cold to be outside and you want your dog to be able to run around, bring them to an indoor dog park. You can do a quick google search to find dog parks in your area.

Chasing Bubbles

Believe it or not, dogs love chasing and chomping on bubbles. For added fun (and to give your lungs a break), add a fan to the mix. Make sure to buy pet-friendly bubbles, which are available in most pet supply stores.


Let’s face it, whether you want to brave the cold or not, your dog still needs to get outside. Here are some outdoor activities you and your dog can enjoy together.

Morning Walk

Taking your dog out in the chilly weather for a walk in the morning is probably the last thing you want to do, but why not get it out of the way? A brisk morning walk is also a good way for you to get that blood and cardio flowing at the start of the day.


This is an activity for those who know how to ski, and is an excellent workout for both you and your dog. It’s a combination of cross-country skiing and mushing. In skijoring, the dog is harnessed to you, and as your dog pulls, you use your skis and poles to keep the momentum going. Learn more about skijoring here.

Dog Tag

This is an activity that can also be done inside, but many dogs love running around in the snow. If there’s a day where the weather is more mild, but plenty of snow is still on the ground, dog tag can be a fun outdoor winter activity. “Tag” your dog and allow them to begin chasing you around. Switch it up, and chase them after.


Same classic game, but this time your dog can jump and plow through snow as they find their toy to bring back to you.