Ahh Summertime.. warm weather..long days.. sunshine. Who doesn’t love it?! The number of outdoor activities to do with your dog is endless, but here are some of our recommendations!

Visit the Beach

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Some of the more popular beaches only allow you to bring your dog during off-hours, or even off-season, but there are a number of dog-friendly beaches where your four-legged family member can roll around in the sand and enjoy the tides. Just make sure to do your research beforehand so you know which beaches you can go to!

Go Hiking

This is a two-for-one because not only will your doggie get some fresh air and great exercise, but you will too! Try and find a trail that’s a little more shaded so that your dog doesn’t overheat, and bring plenty of water for them! Going earlier in the morning, or late afternoon is a great time where the sun isn’t at it’s peak.

Fill Up a Kiddie Pool

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This is a fun one! Fill up a kiddie pool for your dog to splash around in. You can even have a cookout, and invite some friends over who also have dogs.  You’ll get to enjoy a little BBQ action, while your doggie and his pup pals have fun playing in the kiddie pool together!

Check Out a Dog Friendly Patio

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Restaurants are becoming more and more dog-friendly, and there are a number of establishments that have dog-friendly patios. Some even have dog-centric events. It’s nice to be able to go out to eat or for drinks, and be able to bring your doggie. It’s also a great way to meet other dog owners, and have your dog mingle.

Take a Camping Trip

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The great outdoors and man’s (/ woman’s) best friend.. sometimes you need to just get away and get in touch with nature.

Visit a Dog Park

This is a typical outdoor activity, but it never gets old. Try branching out and exploring dog parks you haven’t been to before. Your doggie will love the change of pace, and making new friends!

Take a Scenic Car Ride

Let your dog explore new sights and sounds with a windows-down scenic car ride. Think mountains, farm areas, etc. You’ll also get enjoyment taking in the beautiful views.


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Yeah, this is actually a thing… yoga with your dog. “Through acts of meditation, gentle massage, and stretching, doga practitioners seek to achieve a greater harmony with their dogs.” Don’t knock it ’til you try it, I suppose…

Go To a Baseball Game

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Take Fido out to the balllll gameeeee. Many minor and major league baseball teams have a “bark at the park” event where you can take your dog to a baseball game! Often times the event benefits a local rescue organization. Check out the calendar of your local teams to see when they’re planning a dog-friendly game.

Visit a Farmers Market

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One of the nice things about summer are all the farmers markets that pop up. It’s always great to be able to take a stroll with your dog, and support local business. Many farmers markets even have vendors who sell dog treats, which is a good way to keep your pup happy while also potentially finding a new go-to dog treat that’s locally-sourced.